Spring Cleaning Time

By 25th March 2018News

The Beast from the East has passed, the Little Beast 2.0 has been and gone, the clocks have gone forward, daffodils are coming out.
It is official: 💐 spring is in full bloom 💐!

Spring is a wonderful time to enjoy the stunning vistas across Scotland. In 2015, Scotland had a network of over 27696 miles of roads and 2.4 million cars travelling them. Mind. Blown. That screams road trip potential to me right there! 🚘 So how many miles of NC500 have you travelled? How many isles have you explored? Have many castles have you photographed? 📸

Another few interesting facts, of a stickier nature though. Did you know that a recent study from microbiologists from Nottingham University revealed that an ‘average’ car actually compares to a public toilet seat (say whaaaat?) in terms of the number of bacteria found per square centimetre. Let us all take a second here and read this again. An average car and a public toilet seat are just as nasty! 🤢 The study confirmed that bacillus cereus (a known culprit in food poisoning), staphylococcus and even E coli were a common occurrence in our cars.

Over 70% of car owners consume food in their vehicle on a regular basis. If dirt brought in on shoe soles or by pets wasn’t enough, spilled food makes for the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Now, don’t go and dip your car in a pool of bleach: our immune system is perfectly capable of fighting off these creepy crawlers under normal circumstances. But newborns or people with compromised immune systems might struggle.

The point is: spring is a wonderful time for a road trip, and for a good ✨ CLEAN UP! ✨

Before you start off on a wonderful journey to the Hebrides, before you make life-long memories in Durness exploring Smoo Caves, before you buckle up and start riding into the sunset to Dunnottar Castle – do yourself and your car a favour, and book a valet.

Nobody will know your car was smelling of Cheetos looking at the pictures… But you will…!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this show on the road, shall we? 🌅


Quote of the day
One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.” — A.A. Milne