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Below you can find examples of the work that we do and the fantastic results that we achieve for our customers.

Residential customers

Commercial customers

Residential customers

Two Signature Valets & A Fresh Valet 

CUSTOMER NAME: Steve Pickavance

BRIEF: Steve was in search of a very in depth clean of all three of his vehicles. Although he keeps them in good condition, they needed some minor scratch removal and a good coat of protective sealant. The carpets and mats also needed machine clean to remove dirt build up.

RESULT:  It took a full day, but we got there! The cars came up brilliantly and Steve is now looking in to joining the Fresh Car Club to keep them tip top all year round.

“Fresh took care of 3 of our cars, two full works valets and one full valet. Fantastic work on them all – the m135 is no longer the wife’s skip on wheels, my daughters Abarth is shiny new again and minus the smell of spilled milkshake !! Our Macan is one again glistening !! Great job guys !!”

Tesla Maintenance


BRIEF: Kate called us in search of a company to look after her Tesla & Kia Sportage. Every couple of months we pop over and get them back to showroom condition

RESULT: The cars look great! We love looking after the Tesla and can’t wait until it can drive itself.

Audi and Range Rover Maintenance

CUSTOMER NAME: Adam & Louise

BRIEF: Both cars to be washed with extreme care as to protect the paintwork, focus on the inside of the Range Rover as it has all the usual signs of having some kids in the back! Footprints on the back of the front seats, food in the back and general chaos!

RESULT: We now regularly look after these cars for Adam & Louise and take great pride in doing so. Both cars look amazing.

Mercedes Maintenance


BRIEF: This Mercedes really needed some TLC, particularly the seats & paintwork. The seats requires a full machine clean and paintwork polished

RESULT: The photos speak for themself! After 3 hours of hard work the car looked brand new.

“My car looks great!!”

Weekly maintenance valets

CUSTOMER NAME: Mr & Mrs Abassi

BRIEF: Mr Abassi was looking for a reliable valeting company for a weekly maintenance valet on his BMW i8 and X5. The cars need to be immaculate each week, washed with very safe wash methods and kept protected.

RESULT: We’ve now been cleaning the cars for over a year. They still look as good as they did after the first valet! Using a three bucket safe wash method and high quality wax our team has kept these cars in a great condition inside and out.

“I’ve been amazed how reliable Fresh are. They just turn up every single week! Sometimes we even forget they are coming”

Full valet with LOTS of dog hair! 


BRIEF: As well as working at a dog grooming centre on a farm, Mags also has her own dogs. This is a messy combination and as a result the car was covered in hair from head to toe. We were called in to remove as much dog hair as possible so Mags could keep on top of the car.

RESULT: 3 hours of vigorous vacuuming later and we’re done! Using high quality machinery and a good range of brushes we managed to get rid of all of the hair. We also gave the outside a thorough wash.

“So impressed with the valet done on my car today. I have a very mucky golden retriever, who likes to leave sand, mud and sticks all over the car. As well as lots of hair so you can imagine the state in was in (especially since he sleeps on the back seat!). Can’t believe how amazing the car looks now, in an immaculate condition and looks brand new! Can’t thank you guys enough and will be back. Highly recommended. Staff are also super friendly, and I’m so glad they didn’t judge the state it was in originally. Awesome!”

Premium+ Fresh Car Club Member


BRIEF: James approached us in 2015 after having issues with finding a reliable valeting company to regularly maintain his BMW M5. We were a two week old company with no history and he took a chance on us.


RESULT: We’re very proud to say that after 2 years and over 50 appointments we have never missed one and every clean has been just like the first. The M5 has been replaced by a lovely RR Sport which looks just as good! Now only is James a premium+ Fresh Car Club member, but he actually takes credit for ‘inventing’ the Fresh Car Club. Where he did or not, that is highly up for debate!!

“Fresh have become one of the family here in the Ewen household! They’ve been looking after the cars for a couple of years now and the quality has never dropped. We’re very happy customers. ”

Commercial customers

Helping keep the work van clean! 

COMPANY NAME: Rogues & Rascals

BRIEF: Being a dog walking van, Sharon’s dog transporter tends to get a bit dirty! The van needs a very thorough interior clean to remove all dog hair, mud and general dirt to make it a nice environment for the animals.

RESULT: We regularly spend a good few hours working away on the van to bring it back to a new standard. It takes a while but it always comes up great!

“Thanks so much guys, I don’t know what I would do without you!”

Mobile valeting for the Sheraton Hotel

COMPANY NAME: Sheraton Hotel

BRIEF: 5-star Sheraton Hotel were looking for a reliable company they could trust with their high end clientele’s vehicles. We look after the cars on site for guests staying at the hotel. The cars must always be immaculate and the customer service 5-star.

RESULT: For almost 2 years now we’ve been visiting the Sheraton helping them to deliver a fantastic service for their guests. Most recently we had the pleasure of looking after this beautiful Mercedes GTS AMG!

“Sam and his team provide an excellent service for our guests. We had previously had issues with companies not turning up, not being presentable or not valeting to high standards. Finding Fresh Car Valeting has made our lives a lot easier. We hand over our guests keys and leave them to it!”

Mobile valeting for Lidl


BRIEF: 5 x trucks to be cleaned externally once per two weeks. Lidl understand that their trucks represent their business, and they want them to look good. We arrive at 8.00am and get straight to work on bringing these trucks back to life.

RESULT: 6 months in to the contract and we are still going strong. Through rain, wind and snow we have been dedicated to ensuring these trucks stay pristine!

“Brilliant job every time, thanks!”

Mobile valeting for Red Driving School

COMPANY NAME: Red Driving School

BRIEF: Stuart runs his own driving school business and likes to keep his car looking tip top. He needed the car to stay waxed and seats immaculate for his customers.

RESULT: Stuart was delighted and decided to join the Fresh Car Club on a Standard+ membership. We keep his paintwork scratch-free, protected and very clean!

Volvo Exhibition on Castle Street 


BRIEF: For two weeks Volvo were running an exhibition on Castle Street. They needed a company to turn up from 6.00am-7.30am to make sure the cars they had on show were spotless for the day.

RESULT: We turned up at 6.00am sharp each day and got to work. The cars stayed in showroom condition the whole time and the exhibition was very successful.

“Thanks you for providing a great service. We wouldn’t hesitate to use you for one of our events in future.”