What is the Fresh Car Club?


Choose one of our Fresh Car Club premium packages to receive regular valets from your own dedicated valeter, on dates and times that suit you. You’ll also receive a membership card giving you discounts from some of Edinburgh’s best car care companies. Join the Fresh Car Club and your car will receive all the love and attention that it deserves to keep it in pristine condition.

Fresh Car Club regular valets logoRegular valets to keep your car looking fresh all year round

Fresh Car Club regular valeter iconYour own dedicated valeter who’ll love your car as much as you do

Fresh Car Club membership discount card iconMember discount card giving you money off everything else your car could need

Fresh Car Club bag and membership cards

How it works


Once you have had a chance to look over our packages, get in touch with one of the team and we’ll help you figure out what works best. After a package has been selected, wherever possible we will choose a date/time for a recurring appointment. For example, 8.00am on Monday every 4 weeks.

We’ll assign a valeter to your car who will clean your car each time. He/she will then have you fill out a preference sheet which goes over all the small details such as if you would like air freshener, should plastics go back to black etc. The valeter you select will keep the sheet on hand make sure to leave your car exactly how you would like it each time. We will keep track on our end of when your paintwork needs coatings re-applied or seats shampoo’d. There will never be any extra charges for your car, we commit to looking after it through the good times and the bad!

Generally, we set up payment by standing order to make things easier. If you would prefer to pay by other means that is usually fine too.

Membership discounts

We’ve teamed up with some of Edinburgh’s best companies to offer our Fresh Car Club members great discounts outwith car valeting. Not only will these companies offer you a discount, but we have hand selected them as great businesses, so your car will be in safe hands.

10-15% off

Proper Auto Detailing logo

10-15% off
Body Repairs

ProTouch Automotive logo

10% off

Stevie Wood Recovery logo

22% off
Fuel Fixing

FuelFixer logo

5% off
Alloy Wheel Repair

Wheel Pro Scotland logo

Custom Quotes on
Windscreen Repair

Auto Windscreens logo

10% off
Mobile Tyre Fitting

City Mobile Tyres logo

10-15% off
Mobile Mechanics

AG Autos logo

Fresh Car Club premium packages

Standard Membership – £35/40 (small/large) per 4 weeks


Our car club is a great way for our regular customers to keep their cars in tip top condition. Any car club membership will include access to one of our membership cards. We’ve teamed up with some of Edinburgh’s finest car related companies to be able to offer brilliant discounts for all members. You’ll also have exclusive access to special offers and regularly be able to give your friends and family discounts.

Once per 4 weeks we’ll pay you a visit and get your car back into shape. This valet will be similar to our mini valet but with the addition of a seat shampoo (or leather clean/condition) once per 3 months. We’ll also remove any stains on carpets and seats as and when they appear.

Estimated time taken: 1 hour 30 minutes

Standard+ Membership – £45/£50 (small/large) per 4 weeks


As above with the Standard Club Membership but with the addition of some extra work on your paint. We’ll keep the car polished and sealed all year round. We’ll also remove any minor scratches as and when they appear. Please note it’s only possible to remove small scratches.

Estimated time taken: 2 hours 

Premium Membership – £75/£80 (small/large) per 4 weeks


2 x Standard+ Membership valets bi-weekly.

Estimated time taken: 2 hours per valet

Premium+ Membership – £110/£120 (small/large) per 4 weeks


A weekly visit to keep your car in showroom condition. 2 x Standard+ valets and 2 x exterior safe washes. We’ll also give your vehicle clay bar treatment once per 6 months. This is the ultimate package to keep your car looking fresh all the time.

Estimated time taken: Safe wash – 45 minutes, Standard+ valet – 2 hours,  clay bar treatment – 1.5 hours

Call 0131 510 7800, email [email protected] 
or fill in the form below to join the Fresh Car Club

Here’s what existing Fresh Car Club members have to say…

“Fresh have become one of the family here in the Ewen household! They’ve been looking after the cars for a couple of years now and the quality has never dropped. We’re very happy customers.”

James Ewen

“I’ve been amazed how reliable Fresh are. They just turn up every single week! Sometimes we even forget they are coming”

Mr & Mrs Abassi