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31st July 2018 in News

How to Machine Polish Your Car?

Picture this: it’s a warm sunny summer day – you’re at the petrol station fuelling up – when you’re done putting the washing away, you definitely deserve a beer 🍺  …

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25th March 2018 in News

Spring Cleaning Time

The Beast from the East has passed, the Little Beast 2.0 has been and gone, the clocks have gone forward, daffodils are coming out. It is official: 💐 spring is in…

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5th March 2018 in News

Better than Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Better than breakfast at Tiffany's, is breakfast at Porsche! Porsche. A symbol of class and good taste since the 1930’s. Whenever we hear the name, we can’t help it, we... Read More
17th January 2018 in News

To Shampoo Or Not To Shampoo?

What is a seat shampoo? Who would want their seats to be shampooed?  How does it work? How long does it take to dry? These are all great questions we will…

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30th December 2017 in News

🎉 Thank You 🎉

It has been a busy year for us all at Fresh Car Valeting. Our busiest ever. And we could not have done it without you. So first things first: 💙 THANK…

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13th December 2017 in News

Wet Wet Wet!

  Do Car Washes Really Offer Sparkling Good Deals? If you have a car, you usually want it to look nice. It comes down to pride, doesn’t it? If you are…

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1st December 2017 in News

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Even though winter doesn’t officially start until today, it has felt like time to take the electric blanket out of the cupboard for a while now. In winter, just like…

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